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After Several Years Playing Local Musical Fundraising Events, New Orleans Bred Singer/Songwriter Debbie Dragna and German-born Rock Guitarist and Songwriter Arnold Schmidt Are Gearing Up To Release Their Debut EP ‘Tales From The Porch’

Throwing optimistic and romantic caution to the wind, L.A. based singer/songwriters Debbie Dragna (vocals) and Arnold Schmidt (vocals and guitar) take a delightfully defiant, explosively edgy stand against these dark, divisive times on “Let’s Take a Walk,” their newly released debut as emerging indie duo Crave and Wonder.

The exuberant Beatlesque track, an infectious celebration of one of those beautiful love connections that embodies the spirit of happily ever after, is the lead single from Crave and Wonder’s upcoming EP Tales from the Porch, due to drop December 3, 2018.

While the lyrics whimsically chronicle a fictional couple’s journey from growing up together through marrying and raising a family, the music is pure rockin’ energy, a dynamic mix of the duo’s trademark Southern bred Americana-style roots rock with harder rock and simmering blues influences. “Let’s Take a Walk” is just the first of many tunes to come that showcase the duo’s multi-faceted song craft and ability to create a whirlwind of humorous, uplifting and heartfelt stories.

“Contrary to what many believe in this day and age, sometimes life can just work out,” says Arnold. “The song is centered on the wedding theme, and we pictured the whole story as a cheerful singalong that might occur when two people happily in love walk out after the ceremony. While writing it, we visualized cans hanging from the back of the car as Johnny and Jane take off, like a mini-movie.” Debbie adds, “The story is basically a stark contrast to the depressing, gloomy world we often live in, where people often focus too often on the negative. It’s a happy, blissful message for a moment in time that desperately needs one.”

The story of Johnny and Jane is the perfect metaphor for the powerful chemistry, combination of individual musical talents and overall creative vision that drives the Crave and Wonder aesthetic. The collaboration of the New Orleans bred Dragna and the German born Schmidt had its roots in the independent music scene of Los Angeles. Not long after meeting at a coffeehouse open mic where Schmidt created a gathering of like minds and spirits, the two began to perform, both separately and together, at various fundraisers and musical charity event on the city’s live music circuit. With their contrasting musical styles and shared philanthropic interests, Debbie teamed up with Arnold to play the Pasadena Make Music Festival, the Relay for Life Cancer Awareness festival and events supporting local homeless shelters – some of which Arnold helped organize.

Born and raised in New Orleans, Debbie began singing at her local church at age 10 and started taking vocal and guitar lessons that same year. In high school, she was part of the Immaculata High Singing Group and performed in Mardi Gras parades and other events around the Crescent City. She relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her rock and roll dreams and has been making music ever since. She released her first solo EP Especially On Sunday in 2010.

Arnold moved from his native Germany to Los Angeles in 1990 to attend Musicians Institute, where his instructors included guitar greats Bruce Bouillet and Paul Gilbert from Racer X, jazz fusion giant Scott Henderson and country guitarist Steve Trovato. While raising his family, he has performed and recorded with various bands of the years.

“From the incredible musicianship to the fun we had writing the song and laying down Arnold’s incredible guitar solo, we loved everything about the creation and recording of ‘Let’s Take a Walk,’” Debbie says. “It really makes us want to dance and celebrate life!”