Helping Indie Artists

A lot of work went into the release of our album “Tales From The Porch”. Not only was there a lot preliminary work leading up to the recording, mixing and mastering, but once the album was released, the real work started.

Being a DIY Indie Artist, all this work was not handled by a label, but through many many hours of learning and hard work, was all done “in house” - meaning, I had to do it all myself.

Here are things I had to do to “cover all "bases”.

  • Create work for hire documents for musicians and the photographer

  • Create Song Split forms and have band members sign them

  • Enlist pro musicians to help with the recordings

  • Have the album recorded, produced, mixed and mastered

  • Create account and submit music for copyright registration

  • Set up Photo shoots

  • Create all the artwork

  • Submit and proof art work

  • Create Meta Data and the DDP file for disk manufacturing

  • Create accounts with Disk Makers, CDBaby, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and everywhere else that might at some point be useful

  • Fill out all the data for CDBaby distribution (Sounds like, genre, …)

  • Create ASCAP accounts and verify that CDBaby submitted all track info correctly

  • Register the album with SoundScan

  • Create SoundExchange accounts and submit the album info spreadsheet

  • Consolidate ISRC, ISWC & UPC codes and verify all entities have the correct information

  • Create Spotify and Apple artist accounts and add artwork, bios, photos, social links etc.

  • Submit to playlists and create pre-save campaigns

  • Submit to Pandora

  • Create accounts and submit info to TiVo/AllMusic and Discogs

  • Create MailChimp account and set up mailing lists; link to website form

  • Make videos, behind the scenes, music videos, lyric videos …

  • Create and upload content to SoundCloud, YouTube, Buffer etc.

  • Submit music for sync

The prospect of having to do all of this can be overwhelming.

Unfortunately, if you want to be able to collect all royalties owed to you, all your paper work absolutely has to be in order. There simply is no way around it. You cannot get paid, if all these entities do not know who to pay, or how to reach you to pay you!

Fortunately I am here to help you! Feel free to contact me and let’s see if we can work together. Let’s make sure that you are not missing out on revenue streams. Hey, you already put a lot of work into creating your music.

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